Our wedding on July 4th, 1992
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We got married in Teda chapel, just as my parents did in 1939 and my maternal grandparents in 1916.

Program at the wedding ceremony (in Swedish) Marschen till altaret, 387 kB
Guest list (in Swedish)

Ivars Neretnieks, "Niquel", 1992.The photos below were taken by my old school friend Ivars Neretnieks, "Niquel", nowadays a Professor at R. Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


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Teda chapel, 14th century. This is where my parents got married in 1939 and Araguacema and me in 1992. 548 kB Marching to the altar, 387 kB My brother Erik reads from the bible, 338 kB Araguacema's cousin Leo reads from the bible in Portuguese, 328 kB Araguacema receives the wedding band, 262 kB Newly wed! The bridesmaid Christina Zenker to the left. 369 kB A small step for Araguacema... 339 kB On our way into married life, 307 kB My brother Rolf Zenker, 256 kB Rolf's wife Birgitta and my brother Erik, 306 kB Christina and my parents, 471 kB The happy bridegroom, 302 kB
The happy bride with rice in her hair for good luck, 269 kB The bride in profile with her bridegroom, 303 kB The wedded couple receiving a present, 291 kB Just married! 277 kB Our pastor Märtha-Stina Zackrisson, 223 kB My distant relative, singer and farmer Ola Wässman with his wife Marie-Louise, 199 kB Gathering at Salta, 612 kB Wedding gifts in the garden of Salta. Prof Gunnar Hoppe carries a painting. 375 kB Speeches in the garden. From left: rev. Märtha-Stina, my nieces Rebecca and Annica, my parents, my sister-in-law Birgitta, Stefan, Araguacema, NN, my niece Christina, my cousin Ann-Margret with her husband Christer. 577 kB The Wedded couple and my cousin Mariann Tiblin, 205 kB My cousins Karin, Christer and Ann-Margret, Ingela; Lars and Ma Hakelius; the newlyweds. 575 kB
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